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Your devotion of time and energy improves the lives of adults with intellectual disabilities. Opportunities are abundant and range from coordinating fundraising events to working with AIMED customers, to providing office assistance. We could not do it without YOU!


Do you want to work directly with participants in our services?

Attend local community events, club meetings or other group events with participants in our residential services. Our participants have a wide variety of interests that they could enjoy with a friendly volunteer.


Are you good with hands-on activites?

We have a variety of projects that we can always use help with from decorating, planting to painting a room.  This is a great option for groups, too!


Looking for something easy?

We can use your help with data entry, filing, phone calls, copying and more at our office.


Are events your thing?

Help in the planning and development of our fundraisers!


Do you have unique skills to share?

If you have your own volunteer idea in mind, let us know. If you have a skill or activity you think our participants can really enjoy, we’re interested in learning more. We know the possible volunteer opportunities are only limited by our own imaginations, so let us know if there is a different way you would like to help. 

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