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Advancing Individuals Mental and Emotional Development


The President/CEO founded AIMED on the love for her son who has a developmental disability, and a desire to develop services that are individualized and family inclusive.  Advancing Individuals Mental and Emotional Development (AIMED) is targeted to change the system of care. What’s wrong with the current system?  At times it’s isolated and limits the potential of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities from becoming productive in their communities.  In addition, our goal is to break down the barrier of isolation the intellectually disabled often experience. 


Mission Statement:  AIMED commits to meeting the personal needs of individuals and

families with excellence and breaking the barriers to independence.


Vision Statement:  To see people with disabilities live a life inclusive within their communities and with quality. 


Our professional services are designed to see the need from a person’s and family perspective, and to meet that need.  AIMED provides a number of services to intellectual and developmental disabled adults and their family members.  We believe the voice of those we serve makes a difference in the quality of their life.

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