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Core Values

  1. Create an atmosphere of warm, friendly culture that others want to be part of by being professional, happy and having fun.

  2. Respect, unity, dignity, grace, understanding to our agency, participants, partners and colleagues.

  3. Open, honest and clear communication at all levels.

  4. Show our compassion for what we do by delivering service with excellence and a ‘wow’ factor.

  5.  Embrace change and new learning experiences.

  6. A ‘we can do it’ attitude and acceptance of new and bigger challenges.

  7. Recognize and develop leaders and create opportunities.

  8. A culture of ‘TEAM’ that helps changes and promotes growth. 

  9. Faith and Religion.

  10. Embrace spirituality, love, healing and restoration to both participants and employees.

  11. Acceptance and caring for the needs of others.

  12.  Integrity, compassion, empathy, transparency, acceptance, trust among our team members.

  13. Advocating while maintaining boundaries.

 14. Family atmosphere.

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