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From the desk of the President and Chief Executive Officer


AIMED is a non- profit community based organization that provides a host of services to individuals with an intellectual disability and mental health disorder.  We are a State of PA licensed Residential Provider of Homes and Community Services for adults with an Intellectual developmental and mental health disorder, integrated into various communities as well as a contracted Residential Provider for youth through the Office of Children Youth and Families.


Our mission is to commit to meeting the personal needs of individuals and families with excellence and breaking the barriers to independence.


Our history stems back to 1998 when AIMED was first formed out of a desire to help families and their loved one with an intellectual disability and mental health diagnosis, navigate a complex system of care.  This was a time when families were in a situation much like mine, when a creative and innovative approach to services and care was absent.  The model(s) were typical of standard IDD and MH services, and the two didn’t really work together to create an integrative system of care.  Today is much different, and AIMED strived to become a part of the solution by offering services that address the complexities of many individuals and families.  We take a therapeutic and family approach to all that we create and offer.  We believe that it’s important to invest in our team members so that we offer professional services in a sensitive and caring way.  Our team members are trained in Trauma Informed Care and sensitivity training to meet the needs of those who identify with the LGBTQ community.


AIMED’s population consist of adults and youth who are in need of a residential placement in which they can call “home.” We pride ourselves on being loving, caring and offering a homelike environment. We understand that families may need other supportive services; therefore, we provide Community Hab to assist individuals and families with successfully accomplishing goals, such as budgeting, shopping and going to church, etc. We provide Behavioral Support services within our program as well as in the home and community. These services involve completing a functional assessment and developing a comprehensive behavioral support plan. Our respite services are available to a family that may need some “me” time or a vacation.  All these services are important for our participants and families to live Every Day Lives and to function within their communities.


AIMED is excited about our growth and contribution to a community of individuals and families that deserve inclusion, respect and compassion.  We will continue to build strong relationships with our community partners and break down barriers to independence because we “make possibilities happen for you.”






Corey Lakins


President & CEO, AIMED, Inc.

First Residential Home
Corey and J.jpg
Corey and Her son JJ - Founding Members
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